This year marks the 45th earth day since we officially began celebrating it. At Mifam, we are publishing an ABC list of things we can do to help save the earth. The list of actions was compiled by a 2nd grader at an elementary school in CA for an earth day project. We added useful links and made it an effective article utilizing technology around us to act now and make this earth better by next year’s Earth Day. The list can be overwhelming because there are so many action items to take but we recommend trying out one or two action items per month with your family and continue applying what you learned throughout the year. Feel free to share or print these ABC’s solutions and check off the items as you go about implementing these or making permanent changes to better the earth.

 Always turn off unnecessary energy use in the house.

EcoCharge  is a useful app for devices and home. It’s a beautifully crafted battery manager which plays an alarm whenever it’s fully charged so you won’t forget it plugged in, like it usually happens. It has an integrated battery info screen, which shows exactly the remaining battery life.


B  Be careful around fire!

Learn about fire safety at NFPATODAYGet a personal alarm for your bag or key chain. Few we recommend can be purchased online here . 

C  Care for plants. 

Forget about not having knowledge or skills to take care of plants. We recommend trying iplantcare as your personal plant care guide.

The goal of this service is to make use of up to-date technologies through internet and global mapping for plant care. It has a stable and reliable IPCSs (Individual Plant Care System) and algorithms (iPCE-iPlantCare Engine) that enables this service for live real plants. 

D  Drive hybrid and eco-friendly cars. 

We do not need to list the plentiful hybrid and electric cars here but would like to recommend doing research online to help make best eco-friendly choice for your earth friendly drive. Do read the 2015 KBB recommendations in their 2015 list.

E  Eat farm fresh foods. 

We found the following blog on sustainable eating very helpful and worth sharing: Green Eating

USDA recommends tips for farm to school ideas and more:

F  Finish all your food and stop wasting food.

There is an app for that too by USDA. Check out the Food Keeper app at

A blog on innovative ways to stop food from wastage lists worthwhile ways :

A Silicon Valley app founded by our friend Komal Ahmad is very effective and can be downloaded here

There are several more resources that are helping reducing waste. Find the full list here



G  Grow lots of trees and vegetables.

We absolutely love to recommend readers to checkout this site:

For an effective watering system do look into what Koubachi launched with their world’s first self-regulating watering automation at the tap. Replace your old water timer and see it here.



H  Have a recycling plan for everything.

The free Earth Day Carol app is now available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook Color devices. We loved the creative way kids can learn about recycling through



I  Invite community to earth clean ups.

Cleaning up the earth begins with your neighborhood and a great way to do it is to start local. We find this link helpful for not just adults but kids to use.

Let’s add some fun to teaching about clean beaches with this link to games that teaches children beach cleanups



J Just say no to cutting trees or forests.

We like to recommend readers to find out trees in their neighborhoods and help preserve them by using innovative tools like the iTree.

It’s a peer reviewed state of the art software suite from USDA Forest Service that gives urban forestry analysis and benefits assessments tools. It helps communities of all sizes strengthen their forestry and urban forest management and creates advocacy efforts by quantifying the benefits the tress provides to communities. It was released in 2006 and has been used by communities, non-profits, consultants, students and individuals to report on trees, parks, neighborhoods, cities, and states. It helps understand the local ecosystem so it’s less likely that humans would take steps to disturb it. They can even have a baseline data that is used to demonstrate the value and set priorities for more effective green decisions. We recommend exploring iTree and making a difference locally to help the earth globally.

K  Know your recycling centers.

In honor of celebrating earth day, listed useful info on Recycling centers. Have a look at these and search up your local recycling center and recycle.

Know recycle codes on the recyclable products to make full use of recycling opportunities. Many charities pick up recyclable items from your doorsteps and many garbage companies provide recycle bins to help recycle and even compost weekly.


L  Lower your water/electricity use.

We found this USA Today article and tips on reducing water use on the 2015 drought ridden Earth day worth re-sharing

It’s an older list but we find the tips worth re-sharing on saving electricity. Hope you can make changes in your electricity use with these


M  Make use of solar power.

With many states providing rebates and incentives to home owners on going solar, we recommend reading up on these tips before taking the route.


N  No to using plastics.

Pollution and damage to Earth from Plastics is displayed at many places for awareness but it’s the little things we can do as consumers to make a change for the better and help prevent damage to earth and its beings form plastics. Start by signing a petition to help stop the damage that has already happened.

Ordering things online efficiently may save energy and environment

According to recent ecommerce reports, the U.S. online shopping trend is estimated to grow 9 percent every year to 2016. Retailers may have to adopt optimal packaging and shipping methods to lessen environmental damage while improving the customer experience. We can direct you to an effective online shopping tips shared at Mifam at


P  Plant more bee friendly surroundings.

Bees are essential earth friendly beings and play an important role in sustaining the flora and fauna on earth. There are many great sources to learn about bees and keeping them from extinction but we found this article to be very informative.

Q  Quit using Styrofoam!

R  Reuse and recycle harmful electronics responsibly.

S  Save endangered species.


T  Take control of junk that is destroying the earth.

Try PaperKarma an app by Take control of unwanted paper mail and help save the Earth!


U  Use natural resources wisely.



V  Very urgent need to save marine animals and fish.

W  We must change habits to not leave a carbon foot print.

 This site is very effective in listing an individuals carbon footprint. Check out yours today.


X  Xpose chemicals that harm the earth.

An informative site by Planet Agenda is useful in learning our basic household chemicals that may harm the earth and more.

Y  Yahoo, google and web search to find ways to save the earth.

There is no shortage of lists out there! Here are few to save or bookmark for reference.

50 ways to help the earth. 

Huffington Post .


Z  Zoos need your support.

Zoos are great to save animals that are on the verge of extinction. A great web source to look into and learn more about how a zoo may help conserve the dying animals can be see here.


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