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DIY Learning: How Teens Are Teaching Themselves by Erin Wilkey Oh


Teens and tweens are flocking to digital media for a chance to learn on their own terms.

No matter what they teach kids, the apps, games, and websites that we’ve reviewed can help young learners build a variety of skills. If you’re interested in helping your tweens and teens follow their passions and interests on their own time, the following titles and tips support kids in learning through tutorials and mentorship, digital creation, and by sharing their own expertise with a community of like-minded peers. READ MORE


3 Ways to Maximize Kids’ Learning with Technology by Shira Lee Katz


From apps like Scribblenauts Remix that build vocabulary to video games like Portal 2 that require inventive problem solving, lots of popular media titles have learning potential.

But how can you tell which ones are good? READ MORE


Your Daily Guide to an Awesome Spring Break Staycation by Angela Zimmerman


From living room dance parties to outdoor treasure hunts, you can enjoy every minute of your stay-at-home spring break.

Let’s face it: Not everyone can go to Bermuda for spring break. But sometimes a “staycation” is just what the doctor ordered, because you can hang out with the kids and tackle spring cleaning. It’s also a good opportunity to weave media and technology into your daily lives in a mindful way. READ MORE


6 Amazing Apps for World Autism Awareness Day by Angela Zimmerman


Innovative new apps and mobile technology can open doors to how kids learn. Technology has the power to unlock learning for kids of all ages and stages. Recent innovations in the app world have introduced a whole new wave of learning tools and products to kids around the globe. READ MORE


Surge in kids’ apps: Parents & providers sorting it out by Anne Collier

Anne is the

I’ve done it, have you? I have a feeling most of us have passed our cellphones back to a kid in the backseat so we could drive in peace while the child (who has been hounding us to let it happen) plays a game app. Of course, increasingly, this is happening with really little kids, because the bigger ones have their own cellphones (“way back” in 2010, Pew/Internet reported that 75% of US 12-to-17-year-olds had their own phones, up from 45% in 2004). READ MORE


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