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Of student digital privacy & schools demanding passwords

Anne Collier
For Data Privacy Day (1/28), let’s take a look at students’ data privacy – as in the data on their cellphones and whether school administrators have the right to search the devices. The ACLU says they don’t. It called out a school board in Tennessee for violating the constitutional rights of students by implementing a policy that allows school officials to search digital devices kids bring to school and “to monitor and control what students post on social media sites,” Wired reports.

Science on YouTube for Children

Some of us who watch the Big Bang Theory see those science geeks on TV and find them stereotypically funny… well, the truth is that science is very cool and is an integral part of daily life. Exposing science to young kids is critical for introducing them to our amazing world. The following article recommends eight science YouTube channels for kids. Enjoy and next time your kids are bored, try out science on YouTube….you never know, it may pique an interest in something amazing and they may get some ideas for their next science fair project!


How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your Kid’s New Apple, Android, or Windows Mobile Device by Dan Tynan

So you hand your son your smartphone to keep him occupied for five minutes while you try to have an adult conversation for a change. Next thing you know, he’s calling $5-a-minute 900 numbers and watching racy Miley Cyrus videos. This is not good.
Maybe Santa left your little ones some electronics under the tree, or maybe you’re passing down one of your older gizmos because you got something special.


Safety & civility advice for anonymous apps by Larry Magid

A growing number of apps allow people to post anonymously. Some of the better known ones include, Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak but there are new ones all the time, including After School, that’s been downloaded more than 100,000 times including by students from more than 14,000 U.S. high schools, according to
As Recode pointed out, After School’s seven-person staff can’t possibly police all of the posts on this growing service, though the company says it does employ software to look for particularly alarming words like “kill,” “cut” and “bomb.” As TechCrunch reported, the app has been associated with numerous bullying incidents.



Effective tips for online shopping by Reshma Hyder

Online shopping has given a new meaning to the phrase ‘24 hour shopping’ as now, sellers and buyers can meet virtually and at any time to do business 365 days a year. While cyber Monday has past and Dec 17th and 18th may be the last days to use online shopping options and still get your purchases shipped at your door by Dec 24th, we at MiFam thought we’ll share results of our recent survey from Bay Area online shoppers which included customers from ages 5 to 105!


We discovered online shopping to cross all boundaries of age, gender, economic and educational status. The young men and women from high school to early stage hires are still amongst the highest grossing demographics that utilize online shopping most frequently and effectively.  Turns out the following tips on online shopping could really come in handy for all global online shoppers. We realized the need to begin work on publishing the best global online banking and money transfer resource list after the online shopping survey is published per demand by people we surveyed but until then enjoy these tips: READ MORE

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