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Quick — who’s the most important person in your life? The one who brought you into it, obviously. Also, probably the one who brought your own children into it. And if you didn’t remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day, this is your fair warning.


So what does Mom really want for her day, besides chocolate, champagne, and a foot massage from Matthew McConaughey? Apps. Specifically, apps that help make her life easier. Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about? Continue reading
Thanksgiving week is here and time to unwind, relax and connect with our loved ones. At MiFam, we champion technology that helps bring people together and reduce the rising disconnect within families. Isolation and loneliness has many times lead to unfavorable behavioral issues even leading many teens and youth to unfortunate  irreversible actions.
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Apps, devices, and plain-old desktop tools for managing your every day.
We’ll never get more hours in the day, but technology gives us a little more wiggle room. Whether it’s managing the family’s schedule, occupying the kids with quality entertainment, or staying on top of the day’s news, there are so many gadgets, apps, and sites to make everyday tasks a whole lot easier.
We polled some of our favorite moms to find out what tech tools they simply can’t live without. Happy Mother’s Day from us to you! Continue reading