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This year marks the 45th earth day since we officially began celebrating it. At Mifam, we are publishing an ABC list of things we can do to help save the earth. The list of actions was compiled by a 2nd grader at an elementary school in CA for an earth day project. We added useful links and made it an effective article utilizing technology around us to act now and make this earth better by next year’s Earth Day. The list can be overwhelming because there are so many action items to take but we recommend trying out one or two action items per month with your family and continue applying what you learned throughout the year. Feel free to share or print these ABC’s solutions and check off the items as you go about implementing these or making permanent changes to better the earth.

 Always turn off unnecessary energy use in the house.

EcoCharge  is a useful app for devices and home. It’s a beautifully crafted battery manager which plays an alarm whenever it’s fully charged so you won’t forget it plugged in, like it usually happens. It has an integrated battery info screen, which shows exactly the remaining battery life.


B  Be careful around fire!

Learn about fire safety at NFPATODAYGet a personal alarm for your bag or key chain. Few we recommend can be purchased online here . 

C  Care for plants. 

Forget about not having knowledge or skills to take care of plants. We recommend trying iplantcare as your personal plant care guide.

The goal of this service is to make use of up to-date technologies through internet and global mapping for plant care. It has a stable and reliable IPCSs (Individual Plant Care System) and algorithms (iPCE-iPlantCare Engine) that enables this service for live real plants.  Continue reading