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As a great educational theorist once observed, when released each summer from the rigorous oversight of academic professionals, children often abandon such fundamentals as the use of writing implements and reading of scholarly tomes.
Numerous studies show that when school’s out for summer, kids’ brains start to drain. When the next academic year starts, they often spend a month or more catching up to where they were when vacation began. Continue reading

MiFam recommends Top 5 online activities to keep kids busy.


It’s July and it seems summer is passing by too soon. If you are one of those parents that chilled out with your kids in June, and started July hanging outdoors and watching movies and are now perplexed that school is about to open in August and kids are home and bored….. fear not! We have identified online learning resources for you to get kids back to learning mode in due time, so they are ready to face the new grade and can even brag about what they accomplished from these recommendations. Continue reading